RA-T stamp

The RA-T stamp is for ra-ts who want to shoe-print with their own technique, or already have bought the kit, and want another stamp to sew on their gloves or other.

• 1 stamp
• Hook and loop system to stick it under your shoe.
• 1 leaflet

CHOOSE THE THICKNESS of your stamp. Evaluate how hollow your shoe sole is in the middle. Make sure the surface of your shoe and the RA-T letters are on the same level, so they will print correctly.
For example:
– if your shoes are completely flat, you need to choose the thinner stamp
– if you have shoe spikes or heels, you should have a gap underneath your shoe between the tiptoe and the heel. You need to choose the right thickness to fill the gap.
→ When the foot is flat, TIPTOE, STAMP and HEEL should more or less touch the floor.
If the stamp is thicker than the sole, prints can still be made, through a movement starting from the heel, progressively stepping on the stamp, and then finishing by the tiptoe.

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