Solidarity to the occupants of the Kopi Wagenplatz, Berlin. We must remain united in our response to the attempted persecution of one group. RA-T!

Squatters, travellers, and trespassers the UK over wish to send a message of solidarity to the occupants of the Kopi Wagenplatz in Berlin, facing the beginning of a legal fight against the current owners who wish to vacate the land to sell to other speculators.

The Kopi squat has been an institution among the squat and political scene for 30 years, and the Wagenplatz (trailer park / travellers site) that makes up part of the squat has been host to many living in caravans and makeshift structures as alternative methods of housing.

As we watch our government start their attack on trespass here in UK we recognise the pernicious way in which those in power, whether political or financial, will seek to target their perceived weakest targets as a way of building support for their callous and calculated actions. Leading a moral crusade against the likes of travellers who do not fit within the accepted social constructs of western civilisation allows them to gain traction with populist support that then allows them to further push the boundaries of the rules that they themselves make.

“At first they came for the travellers, but I did not speak…etc” You get the point.

All the more important then for us to remain united in our response to the attempted persecution of one group, regardless of what promises are made about others. We know that the squatters and travellers of Berlin will unite around the defence of the Kopi Wagenplatz. There is a strong culture of resistance there, and a demonstration has already been called to show support. We must foster this same culture here as we look to resist the incoming anti-trespass bill that Priti Patel is championing. We must not allow the rhetoric of “it’s only meant for the travellers and not other forms of trespass” to divide our efforts. 

Acts of trespass and all other forms of rejection of the capitalist notion of private property are taking place everyday in every corner of the world. AS WE PREPARE OURSELVES FOR THE STRUGGLE THAT IS TAKING PLACE HERE IN THE UK, WE STAND IN SOLIDARITY WITH ALL PERSECUTED AND ALL ACTS OF RESISTANCE, from the anarchist squatters of Berlin to the self-organised communities of South Africa and Kenya who are constantly under threat of state violence.

Keep on travelling, keep on squatting, keep on trespassing!


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  1. Totally supporting all at kopi.. Good luck with it all. 👍

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