Criminalising ‘Intentional Trespass’

A brief update on the development of measures to criminalise trespass. The Parliament debate on the petition against the bill that was scheduled on the 25th January has been delayed without a further date set. More proof, if any was needed, that such petitions are futile. Since, the Telegraph has released an article saying the legislation concerning tackling of ‘unauthorised encampments’ would be announced in the coming weeks. The Home Office’s recent update released in December 2020 outlined more specifically that the legislation will be targeting trespass with intent to reside on land, when establishing an ‘unauthorised encampment’. The file emphasises that the government is intending to go about this in one of two ways; either legislating for a new criminal offence (intentional trespass) or to strengthen the police powers in the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994. The Home Office research briefing assures the public that this IS in fact discriminatory legislation by emphasising this bill is intending to target travellers and NOT intended to impinge on the middle classes, by iterating that this law specifically will not criminalise ramblersTweet In a recent statement; Friends, Families and Travellers responded to the developments; “It is deeply unfair that while the Government … Continue reading Criminalising ‘Intentional Trespass’