Last Saturday PizzaRA-T teamed up to share free pizzas at the London #KillTheBill protest in solidarity, love and rage with travellers, rough sleepers, squatters, sex workers and anyone marginalised by unjust laws. Join the resistance, create your own local food share and community actions, squat the lot — until all are free!
On the 19th April MPs will debate the petition 'Don't criminalise trespass' which reached over 134,000 signatures.
This morning temperature dropped so low that it was snowing at some point. You'd think climate anomalies would make government prioritise controlling corporate greed and waste but instead they are spending our resources on policing protests against their abusive power.
📢 Kill The Bill Coalition Statement 📢
Our comrades in Bristol participated in our day of action yesterday with a peaceful protest on College Green. They wrote this statement last night about their experience with the police:
We are feeling so inspired by all the actions that took place up and down the UK yesterday, from Scotland to Devon, with a couple abroad too! We received pictures of banner drops, creative trespasses, occupations, postering, beautiful artwork, and big and small acts of protest.
Yesterday Anarcha-Feminist Group Amsterdam took a trip to the British Embassy for a #RatAction.
Today we gave free pizza to anyone who wanted a slice, to show that trespass can be about mutual aid. If the bill passes, we would be committing a crime by distributing free food from an abandoned building.
Some thoughts about our resistance against anti-trespass coming from WALES ! 🌊👣
Wear a mask, squat a cop shop...

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